Hot Pilates


Hot Pilates


Hot Pilates is a vigorous full body work out in our signature 95 degree SWEAT Studio.  Our Pilates work out strengthens and stretches simultaneously making it an extreme efficient body transforming practice. Core strength is the foundation of Pilates exercises, while the focus is on quality of movement rather than the amount of reps performed or weights lifted. This creates strength without bulk. By working the body evenly, no muscles are ever over or under–trained, which helps correct muscle imbalances and prevents future injuries. Other benefits include improved posture, coordination, strength and flexibility.

At Gateway Hills Helath Club, we embrace Pilates the way that Joseph Pilates intended. All of our instructors are nationally certified, and will ensure that you achieve your desired results. Our studios are housed with all the Pilates equipment guaranteed to provide a complete Pilates experience.

 The main health benefits of Hot Pilates:


Detoxification: Sweating on a regular basis allows the body to release toxins and waste from within, providing room for vital nutrients and hydration. Be prepared to sweat in your hot Pilates class!


Healthy connective tissue: Pilates opens the body’s connective tissue. Hot Pilates enhances this process, allowing the body to stretch more fully, lubricate and renew, resulting in greater flexibility and energy.


Boosts immunity: Viruses cannot survive in high temperatures, so increasing the body’s core temperature fights infections, which are pushed out through the sweat. Practicing hot Pilates also increases the body’s production of white blood cells, which fight infection.


Weight Loss: Stretching deeper builds more muscle, which burns more fat. Hot Pilates can result in weight loss. Diet also improves as the body craves healthier food when practicing regularly.


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