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Yin Yoga Hour

Get Access to your Inner Self in 60 Minutes

Yin yoga hour focuses on the slow and steady approach to yoga practice, allowing you to connect to your inner self, while exploring connective tissues with moderately applied stress. In our yin yoga class, we guide you along a deep yin sequence consisting of passive floor poses that are held for extended periods of time. Guided with music in a room heated to approximately 75 degrees, our friendly and helpful staff will talk you through the various poses allowing you to understand yin yoga practices push you to concentrate on your inner self.

Yin vs. Yang Yoga

When it comes to yoga, there are many different practices and approaches, and with them, many different benefits to your mind, body, and spirit. The yin and yang concept explains the different approaches and how one can complement the other. Yang yoga begins with a warm up and progresses to more active and upward movements, while yin is passive and steady without a warmup.

Yin helps focus on particular areas that yang may quickly pass over including areas:

  • Breathing
  • Focusing
  • Looking inward
  • Mediation
  • Balance
  • Relaxation

If you happen to be new to yoga, yin practices can help you become more aware of particular areas and increase your familiarity with yoga poses. By partaking in our yin yoga hour class, you will have a more in-depth understanding of yoga as well as your body and inner being.

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At Gateway Hills Health Club we are passionate at helping you become more connected to your body and mind. Our yin yoga classes are designed to fit your needs, while providing you with exercises that help increase your flexibility, circulation, and connection to yourself. Whether you are new to yoga or having been practicing yoga for a while, our friendly staff will assist you with your particular needs and experience levels.

Contact us today to receive more information on how you can get started with our Nashua health club!

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